1. October 2006. A Chinese immigrant single mother’s child was taken by Children’s Aid Society. CIER provided grief counseling and anger management counseling to her.
  2. July 2006. A Chinese immigrant from Hubei, who held two PhDs, committed suicide and left his wife and two young children. CIER set up a donation account and provided grief counseling to the family. Together with other Chinese organizations, CIER arranged for a funeral.
  3. April 2006. A young Chinese immigrant from Shanghai was found dead in his basement apartment. Since he had no family member in Canada, his parents had to come from China to arrange for a funeral. After the arrival of his parents, CIER provided emergency financial assistance and helped them to clear their deceased son’s business. CIER set up a donation account and helped them return to China safely.
  4. January 2006. A Chinese immigrant from Shandong was killed in a car accident. When his wife and daughter came from China, CIER, together with other organizations, held a fundraising concert. CIER also assisted them in the funeral.
  5. November 2005. A young Chinese immigrant living in Oshawa, before attempting a suicide, contacted CIER. She was going through severe financial difficulty, physical illness, and mental depression. CIER provided emergency financial support and counseling. CIER also found her a local social worker to assist her and helped her complete a welfare application.
  6. May 2005. A Chinese international student from Hunan met a sudden death. CIER provided financial assistance to his sister to come to Canada and assisted her to arrange for a funeral.
  7. Mr. Yaping Xu was immigrated from Jiangsu province, China in 2002. In December 2008, he felt sick suddenly, could not control his hands and feet. He was sent to hospital with comas, and diagnosed with brain cancer, and even too late for surgery. An active life ended his life suddenly and quickly.
  8. Mr. Xu was graduated from Zhongshang University, a famously university in China. He worked hard as a truck driver in Canada. He was self-employed, and didn’t have many savings because he had to support his elderly parents in China. His family even didn’t have enough money for his funeral.
  9. Our fund worked with another organization to have a special fund raising event for Mr. Xu, and raised about $ 1500 dollars for his family.
  10. We had a special fund raising event for Taiwan 88 wind disaster in 2009. And we raised $1180 Canadian dollars and sent our fund to World Vision for Taiwan. 
  11. A 27 years old mother died shortly after giving birth with a daughter, left a single parent family. The father is called Tommy, and he is from Fuzhou. This tragedy was broadcasted in local media widely, and raised many concerns from local Chinese community. In order to help and support this father, our fund worked with CPAC to host a special 4 weeks fund raising event starting from Feb. 23, 2010.  In April 8th, we handed a check with $10,993 Canadian dollars to Tommy.

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