Chinese Immigrants Emergency Relief

Unfortunate emergencies can be a devastating experience for the victims and their families. The experience can be even more overwhelming for new immigrants who do not have the support of extended family and who, because of lack of knowledge and language and cultural barrier, cannot access the government and non-government services and programs available to them.

In order to assist Chinese new immigrants facing emergency situations, Chinese Immigrants Emergency Relief (CIER) was founded in May 2005. Canada Revenue Agency has determined that CIER qualifies for tax-exempt status as a registered charity under paragraph 149(1) (f) of the Income Tax Act (theAct). CIER’s Registered Charity Organization Business Number is 83840 2527 RR0001.

The board members include social workers, pastors, and other professionals who come from Chinese background. The organization focuses mainly on serving the emergency needs of Chinese immigrants living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our goal is to help Chinese immigrants and their families who are experiencing emergencies by:

  1. Providing financial assistance -- As an emergency relief fund, our goal is to relieve immediate financial needs of the victims of emergencies (i.e. prior to receiving government and insurance company’s financial compensation).
  2. Providing counselling services.
  3. Directing them to the appropriate government and non-government services and programs.

Donation Information:
Title: Chinese Immigrants Emergency Relief or "CIER"
TD Bank Account: 1882 5211502

Contact Information:
Phone: 416-618-1260
Address: 20 Union St, Markham, ON L3R 2H5, Canada

*We will issue and mail out a tax receipt for your donation of $20 dollars or more at the beginning of the next year. If you have not received your receipt before your submission of tax turn, please kindly contact us.